Prostate Orgasms Are Real and Here’s Where to Start

by Dr. Sadie Allison

While you’re reading this, teams of designers, engineers and sexperts around the globe are dreaming up new devices for the betterment of humankind: pleasuring the prostate (Also known as the “P-spot” or “He-spot). You could spend a lifetime trying their many orgasmic creations. But then you’d have a funny walk.

Instead, why not narrow your choices to a handful of exciting prostate toys that’ll thrill you or your lover the most? And with this personal guide to P-spot play, you can get right to the bottom line.

First Things First: Finding the He-spot.

Look familiar? The prostate is identical to a woman’s G-spot. It’s located in approximately the same area as the G-spot, though it’s accessed through the anus, or “A-spot.” So, if you can easily find the G-spot, locating the He-spot will be a piece of cake.

If not, we’ve shared some pointers to guide your He-spot discovery. Slide your finger(s) about 2-3 inches inside the A-spot. With your fingers shaped in the classic “come-hither” motion, press upward against the anal wall, toward the belly button. The prostate is walnut-sized, with a squishy “palm-of-the-hand” texture.

Bingo! You’ve found the prostate. Now it’s time to play.

He-Spot Massagers: Precision on a mission.

By seeking out direct contact with the prostate, a He-spot massager can stimulate you or your partner to unexplored heights of pleasure. Your mileage may vary, yet it’s almost always worth the ride.

A He-spot massager is cleverly designed with a gentle upturn at the tip for precision aim at the He-spot, as well as easy insertion. The toy’s bulbous chassis is designed to feel good as it curves inside the Pleasure Tunnel. And its flared safety-base serves as a convenient joystick while it prevents the toy from slipping completely inside.

Start your adventure with plenty of preheating—never begin from a cold start. Lube up the toy, then insert it slowly into the A-spot, with the curved tip arching toward the belly button. If you’ve already found the He-spot with your finger, you’ll find it a lot easier with the toy. Be sure to talk it through, so you’ll know when there’s direct contact. Then gently rub and massage directly on the delicate P-spot—never poke or prod. Or you can simply maintain a steady light pressure while turning your full attention to the art of penis pleasing.