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Bondage Tape
  • Bondage Tape

    Put your lover in a sticky situation with this non-sticky bondage tape.


    This shiny PVC tape only sticks to itself, so it does not pull hair or leave any sticky residue. It's perfect for the novice and the fetish aficionado alike.  Bondage Tape can be used to bind, gag, blindfold, or dress the object of your affection. It's easy to use and visually stunning.


    A perfectly playful, extremely effective bondage accessory, this shiny, supple vinyl Bondage Tape keeps your playmate in whatever position you see fit without sacrificing comfort, and without a sticky mess afterward. Great looking and pliably soft, this tape sticks only to itself, so you won't have to worry about pulling it off painfully, plus, it can be reused time and again. Bondage Tape takes the place of many types of restraints, it can be used to bind up the wrists and ankles, fashioned into a hog-tie shape or looped around a headboard or bedposts.


    Wrap your lover up tonight. It's bound to please you both!

      $15.00 Regular Price
      $12.75Sale Price

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