Love Beads
  • Love Beads

    Slick, comfortably graduated and extra hygienic, Love Beads feature smooth PVC construction, manageable styling and a flexible, forgiving feel that's nevertheless very satisfying. 

    Ideal for many levels of anal experience, but ideal for beginners, the Love Beads range from a very small starter bead to a more filling final sphere, letting cautious players ease gently into the insertion process. Seamless and supple, the entire strand is pliable and easy to handle- a large ringed handle provides a sturdy grip at all times.

    Of a body safe phthalate free PVC, the Love Beads are easy to clean and maintain- simple soapy water or a good toy cleansing formulation will see this play piece thoroughly sanitized. Always use lots of a good lubricant with the Love Beads for maximum comfort and pleasure.