• Bling Pasties

    Transform yourself into an irresistible delight. Bling Pasties are self-adhesive ornaments which enhance all types of breasts and the self-adhesive silicone base to which they are attached make them very easy to apply. Wear it with your sexy lingerie!


    Bling Pasties turns every woman’s body into the queen of seduction. Body decorations that reveal the beauty of the female body and turn it into the most desirable of gems.


    Bling adapts to all types of breasts and show them off; the self-adhesive silicone bases to which they are attached make them easy to apply and remove.


    The perfect combination! The wide range of colors make Bling Pasties combine to perfection with your skin and your sexiest lingerie.


    • The self-adhesive silicon base lets the Bling Pasties adapt to all types of breasts and show them off. Plus, they are easy to put on and take off.
    • Adhesive is skin friendly; nonetheless, to avoid any incompatibility issues, a tester is included in the pack: a small circle in the bottom right corner of the case.
    • Bling Pasties heighten the full seductive potential of your lingerie; the little rhinestones combine to perfection with your sexiest lingerie.
    • These body decorations are intended to be used just once, but if you remove them carefully and put them away in the case they came in, they can be used again. You can use some eyelash glue to improve adhesion.
    • To achieve the perfect result, apply your favorite Bling Pasties to your breasts in front of a mirror and to skin that is free of any lotions or oils.
    • The brand works together with Breast Cancer organizations whose therapists use Bling Pasties to enhance self-esteem in every woman: feel sexy so you can be seen as sexy!

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