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Play with Me Lingerie Kit - Irresistible
  • Play with Me Lingerie Kit - Irresistible

    Dress up and play seductive games with this Irresistible Lingerie Play Kit. Slip on the sexy stockings, long silky gloves and sparkling nipple pasties for some sexy role-play to arouse your partner. Wear under your clothing on a special night out and later do a seductive dance while using the gloves to strip off and tease your partner. Set up your seduction with help from the included Sex Scenario sheet, then continue by taking turns choosing and fulfilling Foreplay and Position Cards to make your sexy time more exciting! 

    Includes: one pair of satin evening gloves, rhinestone nipple pasties, thigh high fishnet stockings, Sex scenario sheet, 10 foreplay cards, 10 position cards.


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