Sensory Wheel
  • Sensory Wheel

    A deluxe, more sensual version of the prickly, teasing Wartenberg Wheel.  This Sensory Wheel has nine, sharp yet non-piercing micro-spiked metal wheels which is a sensory enhancer for couples who crave a little pain with their pleasure. Perfect for all kinds of bondage, the Sensory Wheel is meant to be lightly rolled over the skin, creating an exhilarating, endorphin-releasing sensation that's completely unique and entirely unforgettable. Weighty and ergonomically shaped, the spiky metal wheel rolls smoothly while the handle fits comfortable and secure in hand, allowing for perfect placement and easy maneuvering.


    Perfect for learning more about your partners sensitive areas and what turns them on.  The Sensory Wheel will add to your foreplay in a very unique way.


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