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You can set your own hours, be your own boss, determine how much money you want to make.  As a Pillow Talk Party Distributor the earning potential is endless! Many Distributors are making over $1,000 a week.  Pillow Talk Parties can help make your life easier by taking the work out of work. Spend more time with your family and friends. Live comfortably. Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy life to the fullest without long hours and small paychecks! With Pillow Talk Party, you're the boss.

Start Your Business Today


Getting started is simple! Pillow Talk Parties offers a number of Business in a Box Kits that will allow you to choose the level of investment that is right for you. With the popularity of these parties and our exciting product line, you can begin earning money fast and have fun in the process! Most Distributors find that they earn back their initial investment after holding just one or two parties.

$500.00 Value


Kit A is designed with those who want a simple way to get started with minimal investment. This kit contains a variety of our top selling products for display and demo at your parties.


Future Buying Discount - 30%

$1000.00 Value


Kit B contains a variety of our top selling products for display and demo at your parties as well as products to sell and help you generate profit immediately. This is a good investment to nurture your business well from the start.


Future Buying Discount - 35%

$2,200.00 Value!


Kit C is our BEST VALUE! 

This kit was designed to give you everything that you might need to really kick start your business and help you see maximum profits immediately!

Allows you to say with confidence to your first and critical customers that “Yes, I do have that in stock.” We cannot wait to see your sales soar!


Future Buying Discount - 40%

As an added bonus, each of the kit choices above will give you a 50% Buying Discount for 60 days after you purchase your kit. This will help you build your inventory, increase your profits and grow your business right from the start!

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