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Why would your partner bring you to the brink of orgasm and then deliberately deny you this pleasure? The idea of getting off to not getting off might sound a little contradictory, but for many people, orgasm denial is a seriously intense addition to their sexcapades. And for others, it’s a key part of their submissive/dominant relationship.


Taking on a dominant role and holding off your partner’s orgasm can be a real turn-on for everyone involved. And doing this for an extended period of time will result in explosive orgasms when you finally choose to take them over the edge. With these tease and denial tactics, you can keep your partner at the height of their arousal phase for longer without letting them reach orgasm.


For women this intense teasing makes the clitoris swell up for increased sensitivity. Whilst in men orgasm denial can increase testosterone levels and sensitivity for a harder stronger erection. This can stimulate the sex drive for more explosive orgasms for all.

Smart Sex Toys

Smart sex toys can give you a helping hand — making it easier to bring yourself or your partner to the edge of ecstasy before swiftly taking it away, again and again. Submit completely to the will of your partner with controlled vibrations that’ll hit all the right spots for sensations like no other. The element of surprise will work in your favor as you deny your partner for a thrilling tease.

Solo Edging

Or alternatively, test your self-control by practicing edging on oneself — bring yourself to the brink of orgasm only to stop or slow down just before you reach climax. Practice makes perfect — but this will test your limits and drive you wild.

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