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How to Use a Blindfold During Sex

3 Ways to Use a Blindfold During Sex

A popular toy for BDSM play, a blindfold is a useful tool that can spice up your sex life. There are several ways to use a blindfold during sex, including:

  1. As a sexual guessing game: Blindfolding your partner encourages more verbal communication and dirty talk. During foreplay, tease your blindfolded partner with clues about what you’re wearing or how you plan to please them. Dangle the end of the blindfold over your partner’s body or erogenous zones to heighten their pleasure. With your partner blindfolded, stimulate their genitals with lube or a vibrator to take the sensation to the next level.

  2. For sensory deprivation: Use a blindfold the traditional way to cover your and/or your partner’s eyes, which will heighten other senses and reduce inhibitions. With your partner blindfolded, add a non-visual sensual element to your play (like ice cubes or wax from a massage candle or drip candle) to stimulate their heightened senses. Incorporate earplugs for extra sensory deprivation.

  3. To experiment with kink: Using a sexual blindfold is a great way to experiment with kinky sex. The blindfolded partner is naturally submissive to the partner who can see, making it a great tool to dip your toe into the waters of BDSM (standing for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism) or role-play. Simulate a domination-and-submission dynamic by blindfolding and restraining your partner with handcuffs, or use the tool as a restraint itself. With your partner tied up, explore sensory play - touch their body and tease them. Stimulate their erogenous zones, or perform oral sex on them.

4 Tips for Using a Blindfold During Sex

Follow these tips to make blindfolded sex fun and exciting for you and your partner.

  1. Set boundaries and over-communicate. Since one partner can’t see, it’s important to thoroughly discuss any hard and soft boundaries before engaging in blindfolded sex. The non-blindfolded partner should communicate even more than normal to ensure the blindfolded partner feels safe (especially the first time you have blindfold sex together). For example, the non-blindfolded partner should let the other know where they are in the room, so they aren’t startled. Before your play session, talk about the surprises you like and the ones that are definitively off-limits.

  2. Build anticipation. Playing with a blindfolded partner is a great way to tease them in creative and pleasurable ways. Try feeding your blindfolded partner different fruits or tease their erogenous zones with a feather tickler. Masturbate (and describe what you’re doing to yourself) while your partner is blindfolded to build their arousal and desire for you.

  3. Stimulate other senses. Blindfolding your partner heightens their other senses, making touch, taste, and smell much more potent. Add sex toys, lube, massage oil, or aromatherapy to stimulate the senses of touch and smell.

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