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CBD Love Oil
  • CBD Love Oil

    The sensational CBD-Infused Love Oil is a power and versatile personal lubricant. The CBD-infused organic coconut oil can be used as sensual lubricant or moisturizing body massage oil.


    Expertly created by the sexual health experts with all-natural ingredients and a botanical blend that enhances the added benefits of CBD.


    The premium CBD extract is made to arouse the senses and provide pure, erotic stimulation but does not contain any THC.


    CBD lube fulfills the lubricating function and much, much more. It has the potential to regenerate and moisturize delicate skin, alleviate inflammation and pain, and may reduce anxiety. In simple terms,  it could be a helpful product. Not only might CBD lube minimize pain, but increase the relaxation and enjoyment of a sexual experience.  And unsurprisingly, CBD lube could also lead to better orgasms.


    How to Use: Use as needed to enhance intimacy or lubricate pleasure. Apply a small amount of CBD-Infused Love Oil to desired area to lubricate or massage, reapply as needed. Easily washes away with warm water.


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