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  • Sensi-Tips

    Show the your claws and switch up the power dynamic with the beautiful golden filigree Sensi-Tips.  You can reveal your softer side with gentle, tickling sensations or tease and torment with pressure play.  Either way the rose gold fingertips will bring just the right amount of sass to your next scene.



    Includes five decorative tips
    Adjustable to fit all finger sizes
    Made of 100% Manganese Iron Alloy
    Length 3.25”  Width 0.75”



    BONUS INFO about Touch:

    There's a reason you get chills when your partner gently strokes your arm or inner thighs. Your skin is one of the most sensitive organs you have. "The skin houses different types of nerves that serve various functions such as detecting hard or soft pressure, temperature or pain," says Madeleine Castellanos, M.D., a New York-based sex therapist. "When someone attractive touches you, your nerve cells alert the brain's cortical sensory homunculus--the portion that recognizes sensation and movement--and may register as pleasure."


    Get touchy by stroking each other's stomach, back and chest--the three areas that may release the most feel-good chemicals called oxytocin--or slowly and lightly run your fingertips up and down your partner's arms, forehead and the tops of his thighs, which stimulate the C-tactile fibers that induce a sense of comfort. You can also use your hair or fingernails to add some texture to your touch. Just keep in mind that guys tend to prefer a firm touch thanks to higher amounts of testosterone, which thickens their skin, while women are more sensitive to lighter types of touch.



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