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Doggie Style Strap
  • Doggie Style Strap

    This soft, padded belt with adjustable straps makes the best position better!


    The Doggie Style Strap allows for deeper penetration and g-spot stimulation, and increases the angles of penetration from 90 degrees to 45 degrees.


    Instead of grabbing on to her waist or love handles - which can make her self-conscious and sometimes be downright uncomfortable - he holds on to the handles for motion control and thrust assistance.


    The wide padded part that rests across her pelvis provides extra support, and also compresses the pelvic wall. This compression lets him provide the extra contact and friction to her g-spot (which is why we ladies favor this position, right?)


    Use of The Doggie Style Strap lets her lean forward lower and him lean back farther, so you experience a whole new set of sensations. It's a total game-changer!


    Made of polyester fabric, polyethylene foam, Velcro, plastic hardware, polypropylene webbing.


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