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Drip Candle
  • Drip Candle

    Perfect for titillating light BDSM fun!


    Turn up the heat in your bedroom with the Japanese style paraffin wax Drip Candles.  Clean-burning and unscented, drip them over your partners skin for a new sensation unlike anything they have felt before. Specifically designed for contact with human skin, the closer you hold the candle, the hotter then sensation. Use all colors to make beautiful, human art.  The sight of melted colored wax on your lover’s skin will awaken your inner artist, resulting in a sensual visual experience. Cooled wax peels off easily.


    Each candle has an estimated burn time of 5 to 7 hours, giving you plenty of play time! Comes with 3 candles in each pack


    *Warning - product can be very hot when in use. Avoid sensitive areas- eyes, nose and mouth.


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