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  • Heartcicle

    A crystal clear, incredibly precise glass massager that easily pinpoints internal pleasure points, this ripple-textured, gorgeously designed dildo is fantastically versatile, incomparably body safe, and shaped for unsurpassed enjoyment.


    Long and straight, the Heart of Glass is tipped with a softly pointed tapered head that widens into a perfectly bulb, glides into another taper, and repeats this pattern twice more, graduating in size and thickness along the way. The handle is large and curvy, shaped into a heart that fits easily and naturally in hand for easy maneuvering.


    Made from a deliciously weighty glass, the Heart is perfectly hygienic and completely hypoallergenic, it won't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Not only that, but glass just plain feels amazing. It's incomparably slick and incredibly temperature sensitive, warming quickly and naturally to match body temperature with touch and insertion. There's hardly any maintenance needed with glass toys, just keep the Heart away from abrasive surfaces that could scratch or chip the surface. Helping with this endeavor, a sturdy frosted plastic case is included. Any type of lube will be compatible, so pick your favorite, and enjoy.


      $65.00 Regular Price
      $55.25Sale Price

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